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When our liberation possibly stares one of our kind in the face, a modest bit of effervescence must be in order in the list of events to follow. We want the whole story. With every last drop of magic in it.

TEDxNLUO | iMBIBE | iNNOVATE | iMPART is an indepently organised TED Event. In other words, it is a very unique conference of sorts. A conference that is solely dedicated to magical storytelling and the relay of new ideas which complement the well being of our kind, and help embellish the excellence in our communities.

TEDxNLUO undertakes to emulate the spirit of TED with its vision of showcasing some of the most brilliant products of human thought and endeavor. From change and its elasticity to neuroplasticity, the process is firmly embedded in our roots. As we witness the grand stride of children of the brain, set loose upon the world to enchant with their lessons, our story will begin.

Snuggled amidst the rich cultural heritage of our very own millennial city of Cuttack, we eagerly hope to see you join us in our quest for justice, parity, progress, and prosperity.

For we must continue to brew our very own concoction of brilliance. The stage is set for the gospel of the changemaker. Our ears generously lent, and heads turned toward the future we strive to build. After all, most of our world today is an intoxicating, handcrafted product of this age-old exercise. So, here’s an occasion where we revisit and celebrate this ancient, quintessential mantra of survival, well being and regeneration.

SUNDAY, APRIL 9, 2017.

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