Mr. Paramjeet Singh Bhalla is the head of Digital Marketing at Voot, Viacom18 India. An ex-googler, in his six years there, apart from overall digital sales & operations, he spent considerable time across AdWords, Google Analytics, Android and Google Maps. Mr. Bhalla delivered 1200% YoY growth in digital marketing led sales to India’s first e-commerce entrant eBay, in it’s 9th year leading to winning the eBay Heroes for Innovation award.
He was part of the launch team at hotstar, India’s first successful video-on-demand platform-one of the fastest adopted platforms(app download) ever.
Currently he is part of the launch team at Voot which is Viacom18’s advertising led VoD pltform and hosts over 30,000 hours of video content.
Mr. Bhalla is a tech junkie in spirit. He prefers probabilities, only to have a greater control over the outcome, often toggling with causes and their probable effects. ‘Digital’ is like one of those buzz words that everyone keeps talking about, but very few truly understand the depths of what lies beneath. Having seen the world of digital from the bottom up, he is fascinated by the seemingly unrestrained mushrooming of digital platforms around us and what that means to the future of progress, opportunity and change in our world.

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